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Some Decent TV Shows

In recent years, in my opinion, tv has, well, sucked. The music reality shows have totally run their course, in my opinion.. American Idol, America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, etc.. You get my drift, they have all run out steam. The only “reality” shows that I like are jail and police documentaries, and cooking reality shows.¬†Hells Kitchen and Master Chef are really good shows.. But to me , the top cooking show is Top Chef. Those contestants sure can cook.. WOW. Out of the jail and police ones, I thoroughly enjoy The First 48, Lockup, Hard Time, and Jail. Besides those shows, there are some pretty good shows on TNT that I have found. Memphis Beat is a great show, starring Jason Lee. I have been angry ever since NBC cancelled My Name Is Earl, and I am thrilled to see Jason Lee back on the small screen. Believe it or not, I have also found myself enjoying the legal comedy “Franklin and Bash”. I had no idea if I would like the show or not, but I really find myself enjoying it. The only other show that I religiously watch is Louie. By far, the funniest show on TV and I highly recommend it.



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